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Nicki Minaj talks about Anaconda, branding and more with GQ.

Nicki Minaj will appear in the November issue of GQ Magazine. You can read an excerpt of the story below and the full article here. In the story, which mainly takes place in a Barclay’s Center dressing room, Nicki talks about Anaconda, her different brands, why Anaconda isn’t all about that b-ass and more.

“We are at Barclays Center in one of the dressing rooms, which are low, low beneath Brooklyn; most are named after streets and neighborhoods in the borough. During the rehearsals for Fashion Rocks, the New York Fashion Week concert fund-raiser, the halls were filled with publicists and escorts who had to pretend not to be dazzled by those they were escorting. Minaj had walked in a few minutes before, tiny next to her assistant and her muscle, wearing black sunglasses, a trucker hat cocked to the side, and a T-shirt with the periodic-table box for carbon. She had been led straight into the DeKalb dressing room, named for the street that bisects a couple of local neighborhoods now populated by yuppies but that still contain housing projects. Her smile is a warm sun. As is this room. The temperature in here has been set to about 300 degrees, at Nicki’s request. She says she gets cold a lot.


Next door to her is the Canarsie dressing room—I actually grew up in Canarsie; it’s still a dump—and inside is Usher, who at the MTV Video Music Awards last month slapped Nicki’s ass and continues to slap it endlessly in GIFs all over the Internet. Nicki was the star of the VMAs that night. Her hot, humpy performance of “Anaconda” was part of a medley, and it was followed by a quick costume change that didn’t quite reach completion: She had to pinch the two breast-covering flaps of her black dress closed, because her cue for the finale of the opener, “Bang Bang,” with Jessie J and Ariana Grande, came before she could zip. She power-walked in like a boss, joining the other two onstage, both of them so skinny and with such rough angles and straight edges and reaching so hard for some soul. Nicki destroyed them.”