Check out a new interview with your girl Chanel West Coast.
Chanel West Coast Interview

Chanel West Coast spoke with SOHH about her music career, modeling, Fantasy Factory and ultimately meeting Lil Wayne and signing to Young Money. You can read an excerpt of the interview below.

“I’ve always done music. That’s been my whole life. That’s been my passion from when I was a little girl. I started rapping when I was a teenager. I made a MySpace Music page.

That’s how I met Rob Dyrdek. He first met me as a musician and when he initially asked me to be on “Fantasy House” he asked me to be on one episode and said I could be a receptionist and rap on it and everybody would be able to see me rap on TV.

I pushed through onto meeting Lil Wayne. He actually heard my music before I started modeling for Trukfit. So that happened after he heard my music. Music had led me into everything else that I’m doing. That’s what a lot of people don’t know.”