Nicki Minaj wins life.
Nicki Minaj Anaconda

Nicki Minaj has won the internet, life, hearts, thong thursday, given meaning to the world around us and created world peace, all in one Instagram post. Not only did she post the most scintillating photo cyberspace has ever seen in a pink thong, bra and Jordan’s, she also announced the name of her next single and release date.  “Anaconda” will be dropping 7/28 on iTunes and you can check out the cover art above. May the internet and thongs everywhere RIP. You win Nicki, you win. We bow down to you. Wait, we’re talking about music still, right?

Nicki had everyone like this when they opened Instagram this morning:



While she’s prob kickin back like:


Nicki, you are our sensei.d7e8602c087de6765274bf8781769385