Chris Johnson talks about Lil Wayne, his music and their relationship.
Chris Johnson Lil Wayne

Chris Johnson recently did an interview with XXL where he spoke about his relationship with Lil Wayne. A few weeks back, CJ premiered Lil Wayne’s single “D’usse” and told XXL that Weezy is one of his top five favorite rappers, dead or alive, says he usually listens to Wayne while working out, growing up a fan of the Hot Boys and more. Check out an excerpt of the interview below.

XXL: I know you just got out of doing some rehab in the trainer’s room. When you’re working in there, do you keep headphones on?
Chris Johnson: Where I’m at now they play music all over the facility, so headphones really aren’t needed. But usually when I work out, I wear my headphones.

What kind of music do you bop when you’re working out? 
I usually listen to Lil Wayne. I also have a record label, so I listen to my artists’ music.

So what was your first love: football or music?
It was always football first, but, you know, I wanted to be a rapper.

What did you grow up listening to?
When I was growing up, it was Cash Money and the Hot Boys. Then they all split up, and it was Baby and Wayne. Those were the guys who stayed around. Then, Wayne came up with Young Money. But it was the Hot Boys when I was little.

Was Weezy your favorite member? 
I’ve always been into Weezy.

What was it about him?
He was the youngest member, and I liked the way his music sounded.

Have you ever had a chance to meet Wayne or hang out with him?
Me and Weezy, we cool. We’re good friends.

How cool is it to be friends with someone you grew up listening to?
It’s a cool situation. I know how busy I am doing what I do, and I know he’s busy too, so I don’t try to cramp his space or hit him up too much. I check on him from time to time, he checks on me from time to time. If he’s having a concert in my city, I go to it. If I’m having a game and he’s there, he comes to the game. Over the years, we became good friends.

If you had to compare yourself as a football player to any rapper, who would it be?
I would say Lil Wayne.