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Nicki Minaj releases the trippy love visuals for her critically acclaimed “Pills N Potions”.
Nicki Minaj Pills N Potions Video

Nicki Minaj releases the official video for “Pills N Potions” off her upcoming studio album “The Pink Print”. The music video also stars rapper, The Game.

A much more laid back song and simple video with artistic animations shows Minaj’s continuing growth as an artist. These visuals don’t rely on choreographed dance moves, rather, the video relies on portraying human emotions of love and loss.

Through the representation of the mysterious pink potions floating around the two would be lovers or ex lovers for that matter, trippy rabbits, e-cigarettes and a sometimes tired and worn, yet strong looking Minaj, we can absorb the feeling that this song hits home on a number of notes, personally, as it will for many of its’ viewers. It almost feels like we are being pulled inside of Nicki’s heart and this is physically what is taking place underneath.

Due to the sometimes warped and disfigured bottles, psychotropic images such as a female hand dripping silver potion down The Game’s face, we get this otherworldly, almost supernatural feel, that we are not on Earth as we know it at this very moment in time. We are in some sort of vessel or love capsule. You also have to love how the animations of the rabbits and pills in a bottle were timed in place with the thumping beat produced by Dr. Luke.

Overall, this video will require many viewings to fully pick up every hidden message in the lyrics and visuals. Watch and listen below on VEVO!

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