Vibe Vixen recently caught up with Young Money’s Shanell to speak with her about her latest mixtape “Midnight Mimosas”, what direction she wants to take her album “Under The Influence” in, working as Lil Wayne’s artistic director, females in the music business, working with her sister D. Woods, songwriting and more!

“What was your direction when you were crafting Midnight Mimosas?

Those who know me know that I like my mimosas whether it’s midday or midnight. And the same applies for my album, which I named Under the Influence. It doesn’t have to mean under the influence of a midnight mimosa, but just under the influence of love, madness, whatever. Midnight Mimosas was just to foreshadow what the album is going to be about. It’s R&B at its fullest. I’ve been known to fuse a lot of music but I wanted to take my first album and really give something that people can understand and relate to before I take them on a journey with my second and third album. Midnight Mimosas is true R&B; it’s fun music, it’s honest music. It’s summer cookout barbeque, pool party, bedroom. It’s all that.

When you’re making your music, what comes first: the idea or the melody?

I’m definitely a very vibe-y person. I’m all about what I feel. So I have to hear the music and have a feeling. Most of the time, the feeling comes out in a sound, a melody. Then I’ll tell a story with the melody I like. I could put an album together right now of music and melody with no words.

What can listeners learn about you when they hear your album?

I’m not really making my album about me; I’m just trying to give people an escape. I listened to Michael Jackson, Madonna and Mary J. Blige and I never thought about it really being about them, just wherever they took me.”

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Have you heard Shanell’s “Midnight Mimosas”? What’s your favorite track off her mixtape?