Terry Shropshire from Rolling Out recently caught up with Young Money’s Christina Milian to chat about her re-emergence as a singer and actress, her gig on The Voice, her new album, her daughter and where she is heading in life. Read an excerpt from the cover story below.

“I have a good team around me. With this album, I have Young Money and this is great because they are the first team of people that understood that I needed a family, that I don’t feel like I’m out here on my own. There’s a difference with being with a label and being out on your own, like, ‘hey, I run this and no one else is with me.’ Let’s be real; there’s nothing better than having a family to back you up. And that’s how Young Money is. And we have the best of the best. We have Drake, we have Nicki…We have so many people on that label so that when the music comes, it can only make it better,” Milian told Rolling Out.

Read the rest of the interview and cover story on Rolling Out here.

Milian has also recently made an appearance along with Cash Money’s Paris Hilton in Birdman’s “Tap Out” video featuring Lil Wayne, Nicki Minaj, Future and Mack Maine. You can watch that below. It currently has over 12 million views on YouTube.

Are you excited to hear Milian’s new music? What do you think the first single off her album will sound like?