Shanell recently sat down with S2S Magazine to talk about Lil Wayne’s gargantuan America’s Most Wanted summer tour.

Shanell is not only a singer, songwriter and dancer herself, but also wears the cap of “Artistic Director”. That means she is the one deciding which pyrotechnics are used, what the dancers wear, the choreography for each song, the lighting and even set design. It’s one big job, but if there’s anyone that is up for it, it’s Shanell.

Read what she said about her vision for Lil Wayne’s “Rich As F*#K” song below.

“My vision for the song, is probably the clearest one that came out. I wanted the girls to look like diamonds,” Shanell said. “We went through four different outfits for them. Finally we found these outfits that look like diamonds and the girls look like Vegas showgirls and I love it. It fits the song perfectly.”

Read the rest of the interview on S2S here.

Have you seen Lil Wayne and Shanell this summer on the #AMW Tour? Which song and performance was your favorite?